Peer Pressure And Social Media



Peer pressure, if not dealt with accordingly, often has an unfavorable effect on our youth. This is supposed to be the time of their lives when they start to cultivate their own identity. This is the time when they develop interests in some aspects of life such as hobbies, music, fashion and other things that would set them apart from the rest. Sadly, some of them are lost in trying to find themselves. There’s the desire to fit in and please everyone around that they set aside their own truth.


Nowadays, social media has paved for a broader way to influence our youth. Peer pressure can follow them from school to the right under our roof. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter set the new standard for the most vital aspects of the life of not just our youth but sadly most of ours. From peer pressure, it has advanced to something that could get a hold of us, social media pressure. Has social media wholly taken over our lives that it has the power to mold our individuality to what society precepts?




What are the essential parts of our personality that can be affected by social media pressure?


Appearance and Preferences

More than peer pressure, social media set the standard on how our teens should look, from physical appearance to fashion. If your teen has even just a single peer who is influenced by social media, chances are your teen will be too. Also we, when we were their age, confide to our peers about things we newly discovered and find interesting. We want them to like it the same way we do to the point where we persuade them to, like when we see how a particular person looks dashing on her new hairstyle, figure or surgery. Nowadays, teens would just grab their phone or turn on their computers and ask their peers if they have already seen it trying to validate their desire for wanting to look the same way.


Mindset and Behavior

Peer and social media pressure play a key role in building the mindset and at the same time influencing our behavior of our youth. Their mindset determines their perception of life in general and their behavior towards certain situations and other people. There are countless ads and videos shared by their peers which promote love or hate. They affect how they feel and react to a particular act, preference, religion or race. They alter their behavior towards people, and it’s the parents’ responsibility to make sure these ads and videos influence our youth to a positive mindset.


Beliefs and Aspirations

Back then, peer pressure, and now, social media pressure could direct the goals and aspirations of the youth. They play a significant role in their belief and unconsciously dictate their hopes. Mainstream nowadays promotes popularity utilizing getting the approval of many and living the life based on physical appearance and possessions. Aspirations are vital in our lives. It is what determines how we will live our lives, and it is imperative that we set our goals to what we think, not our peers or the one- third of this world’s population believe.




Peer and social pressure may not always contribute well to the identity of our youth nowadays, but it doesn’t have to be the case. It is up to us, parents, to guide them and try to make the negative to their advantage and make them understand that everybody else’s reality is not theirs.


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