Peer Pressure On Teenage Pregnancy



Teenage pregnancy is a common problem in our society. Parents who have a teenage daughter will always be bothered by this issue. The rate of teenage pregnancy is high in America, and there have been studies that it can be linked to peer pressure.

One of the many challenges of being a teenager aside from significant physical changes and identity crisis is peer pressure. She will have the desire to belong to a much favorable crowd, and to gain approval from her peers, she is forced to do acts that would make her existence validated and made her belong.

Parents with a teenage daughter need to remember that communication is crucial at this time of her life. Certain things are surrounding this severe matter that needs to be explained and reiterated to her.




Important things you need to explain to your teenager


Peer pressure

Make her realize the importance of choosing the right people to be with. Peer pressure is one of the main reasons of teenage pregnancy, and as parents, it is your responsibility to as much as possible stop her from being in a situation you know she wouldn’t be ready for.

Some girls are pressured to engage in a sexual relationship even if they don’t understand the act and its consequences. They think doing this action would make them more desirable, and they hold onto their eagerness to belong.

Teenage boys also experience peer pressure in having sexual relationships. On their desire to look cool, they engage in sexual activities even though they don’t fully understand its consequences. This could then lead to having a girl pregnant and having him responsible for something he is not ready for.



Most teenagers who involve in sexual relationships don’t entirely know or understand the consequences. Explain the possible results of their actions and explain the reality they are going to face. No teenager will ever be ready for the responsibilities of being a parent because they still have a lot to deal on their own.

It is imperative that these matters are explained by the people who provide love and security because they could tell that you only want the best for them, but even this is sometimes doubted, so make sure that you make an affirmation of your love and concern.


Self-worth and self-respect

Remind your daughter of her worth, that she doesn’t need the acceptance of others to feel important. Remind her that she means the world to you, her parents, and that should be enough. Let her know how you think to make her realize that her actions matter to you as well.

For one to gain respect from others is to show them that you respect yourself. Remind her that and remind her of what she used to aim in life. Teenage years are often the time when a person gets lost and if not guided and supported accordingly may be unable to find the way back.

If one knows her self-worth and has self-respect, it is impossible for anyone to persuade her to do things she knows would make her feel less.




Raising a teenager is one of the most challenging jobs there is. As parents, it is your responsibility to put your child’s welfare above everything else, and this can be one of the many things you need to explain to your teenager. Sex is not just an act to please yourself and others but the willingness to embrace the responsibilities that go with it.




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